In this guide, you will find everything necessary to getting started with Funnelfly. We will walk you through setting up your account and also what is needed to automate your marketing.

Account Creation

To get started, you will need to sign up using your personal Gmail or business Gmail account. When you create your account, you will need to note that personal Gmail accounts can only send 150 emails per day while business Gmail accounts, commonly referred to as Gsuite, can send 1500 emails per day. Once the account is created, you can then follow the next steps within this guide.

Connecting Gmail

Funnelfly sends automated emails to your leads from your personal or business Gmail account. This process creates a more personalized approach to email marketing because the emails are sent directly from you rather than from another platform. To begin sending automated emails through Funnelfly, you will need to connect your Gmail account.

Updating Signatures

When setting up the Funnelfly account, you will need to update your signature. Updating your signature can be easily set up within the Funnelfly settings.

Inviting Teammates

Inviting teammates to your Funnelfly account becomes necessary when running multiple campaigns or when you want emails in Growth Tracks to be sent from different people.

Setup Guide

The following steps will walk you through completing the setup of Funnelfly. Within the guide, you will learn the best practices for setting up User Variables and Global Variables. Next, you will be walked through setting your first Sequence live, but also learn the correct way to import our templates from our Content Library.

CSV Upload

With Funnelfly's CSV Upload feature, you can easily import your existing data into the platform.

Enrolling Leads into Sequences

In this Funnelfly support guide, you will learn the way to upload and enroll leads into Sequences. Enrolling leads can be done in multiple ways:


When you’re looking to shape and build your marketing strategy, automation is key. Funnelfly is built so you can automate your marketing on both direct and 3rd-party integrations.

Power Tasks

Power Tasks are a great way to set reminders for various sales activities relating to Leads. Within Funnelfly, we organize the tasks for you or your team on the Task dashboard.

Create New Pipelines

Setting up Pipelines in Funnelfly opens up the means to automate your funnel from the first stage to the last stage. Each Pipeline holds the Sequences you set up to automate users through separate stages. It is important to separate your Pipelines based on both the audience and the goals because it can become complicated to run multiple campaigns from one Pipeline.

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