Funnelfly sends automated emails to your leads from your business Gmail account. This process creates a more personalized approach to email marketing because the emails are sent directly from you rather than from another platform. To begin sending automated emails through Funnelfly, you will need to connect your Gmail account.

Connecting Gmail

1) Click on Settings, then click on the Email tab.

2) Next you will need to open the Gmail section and click Connect.

3) When you click the Connect button, it will open the Sign In screen for you to connect to your Gmail account. When you're connecting your Gmail account, make sure to connect to the correct email if there are multiple accounts from which to choose.

4) Click on the correct Gmail account; then on the next screen, you will need to click Allow.

5) When you click on the Allow button, you will be sent back to Funnelfly where you will see that your Gmail account is now connected to Funnelfly.

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