Setting up Pipelines in Funnelfly opens up the means to automating your funnel from the first stage to the last stage. Each Pipeline holds the Growth Tracks you set up to automate users through separate stages. It is important to segment your Pipelines based on both the audience and the goals because it can become complicated to run multiple campaigns from one Pipeline.

Creating Pipelines

1) To create Pipelines, click Pipelines within the menu, then click the NEW PIPELINE button.


2) Next, you will need to name your Pipeline and then name each stage within your Pipeline. When you begin to type in each stage, the next stage will be automatically created.


3) You will need to set up each stage in your Pipeline, then select Won or Lost within the stages by selecting it from the Type dropdown menu. You will need to click Save Pipeline when completed.


4) You will then be shown the New Pipeline within the Pipeline screen.


5) You can click on Growth Tracks to see the new Pipeline and to set up new Growth Tracks within each stage.


6) Click on Assign Growth Track and choose Create New or select the name of an existing Growth Track from the dropdown list.


7) You will need to create or select the Growth Tracks for each stage in the Pipeline.

To get more information on setting up Growth Tracks, you can follow our Setup Guide.

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