With Funnelfly's CSV Upload features, you can easily import your existing data into the platform. First, you will need to get the CSV file from Google Sheets here.

Download the template here.

Google Sheets

It is simple to export the CSV file from Google Sheets, by simply clicking File > Download > Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet).



1) On the side menu, click Contacts then navigate to Add Contacts in the top right corner, then Import Contacts to begin importing users for your CSV file.

2) Then you will need to click Browse & Upload to choose your CSV file.

3) Click Open, to bring in the CSV file to begin mapping the CSV Fields to the Column Fields.


4) Map each of the fields within your CSV to the corresponding Funnelfly fields. The CSV fields will be the column headers within the CSV file. When mapping the fields within the CSV to the Funnelfly fields, Funnelfly will start inputting the data into Funnelfly and organize it by the Funnelfly fields on the right.


5) Next you will need to click PROCESS to begin inputting the leads within Funnelfly.


6) Once imported, you can navigate to Contacts within the menu to see your imported leads. Once there, you can click ADD FILTER, selected Import Name, then check the checkbox next to your file name to see only those imported users.


NOTE: To ensure enrolling of the leads into Sequences is simple, always segment your customer lists and name your files.

When importing:

  • Every lead will need to have either a unique ID or email.

  • We will not import duplicate emails, either within your CSV file or if they already exist in your account, and if an email exists we will update their info.

  • We will import all valid rows within your CSV upload and show errors for any invalid rows.

  • If you import a Full Name, we will split it into both a First Name and Last Name field within Funnelfly.

If you include date columns, Funnelfly will try to correctly upload the date corresponding to your data. To do so, we will need to the date format as follows:

- 2019-05-24T16:56 (ISO 8601 format)

- 1393462573 (a unix timestamp).

Upload Template

Below is Funnelfly's CSV upload template to ensure your header columns are correct upon uploading.

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