Your contacts are busy running their businesses and can easily miss your message. Sometimes switching up the messaging medium helps you stand out and get in front of your leads. Add SMS text messaging to your account today.

SMS messages can be added to your Growth Tracks as their own step. You can also send one-off SMS messages from a contact's Funnelfly profile.

You will receive an alert when a contact responds. Then you can continue the conversation in the contact's Funnelfy profile.


Your first 100 SMS messages are free and then only 2.5 cents per extra message.

1. Go to Settings > Integrations and click INSTALL next to the SMS Integration.


2. You will need to subscribe to a Funnelfly plan before using SMS messaging. Click Upgrade Now to go to the Billing page where you can subscribe to Funnelfly.


Adding SMS to Growth Tracks

Add SMS messages to your Growth Tracks along with your emails and Power Tasks.

1. Similar to adding Emails to your Growth Tracks, click Add Action and select Send SMS.


2. Add a description for the SMS message so the rest of your team knows what the message is pertaining to without having to open it.

Add the SMS content that you want to send to the contact. Use the Insert Variable to add variables to the SMS message just as you do to emails.


Sending One-off SMS Messages

Open a contact's file in Funnelfly. Click Send SMS to open a pop-up window where you can write and send a one-off SMS message to your contact. You will receive a notification when your contact replies.


Reply Notifications

Click the SMS notification to open the contact's profile in Funnelfly. SMS responses will appear under History. Similar to Sending One-off SMS, click Send SMS to send an SMS response to the customer.

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