When users interact with your website, you want to track their interactions. In Funnelfly, these actions trigger what we call "events". A few reasons to trigger events might be when a customer makes a purchase or views a page. Tracking an event can be accomplished like so:

<script type="text/javascript">  funnelfly.track("Signup");</script>

Notice that the method must be executed inside of a JavaScript context, and that the name of the event is wrapped in quotes. Events can be anything that helps you learn more about your customers.

Creating Goals in Your Funnelfly Account from Events

1) Click Outbound > then click the name of the Sequence where you would like to set up the goal.


2) Click EDIT SEQUENCE to begin to set up the goal.


3) Next click on the Goal section to expand it.


4) Then you will need to make sure the Set Goal checkbox is checked and set the goal by clicking SELECT GOAL CONDITION. If a goal is already set, you will need to click on the name of the existing goal to replace it.


5) The next screen will be the Select Condition box where you will need to choose a goal from the list or click NEW CONDITION if it is not within the list.


6) Next you will need to click Events which will take you to the next screen to choose an existing event or create a new event.


7) Now you will need to select Existing Events from your site to set up as a goal or create a New Event, which will need to be set up on your site.


8) If you select the New Event, you can create the event to use in the conditions, but you will need to install it on your website or in your product. You will need to create a name for your new event then click CREATE.


9) Once you click on the CREATE button, you will then need to create the Condition description (optional) and click the SAVE button.


10) Once you click on the SAVE button, the next screen will be the code to install on your site and the option to TEST CONDITION.

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