In this Funnelfly support guide, you will learn the way to upload and enroll leads into Sequences. Enrolling leads can be done in multiple ways:

Enroll from Contacts

1) To manually enroll one person into a Sequence, you can simply navigate to the Contacts button on the left-side menu. You will need to click on the person's name or Search contact in the top right.

2) Next, you will need to click on the person's name, and then click ENROLL under Sequences. Or you can click ENROLL on the main Contact screen next to the Contact's name.

3) After clicking Enroll, you will be able to choose the appropriate Sequence and step of the Sequence for the contact.

Enroll Multiple People from the Contacts screen

1) To enroll multiple people within Funnelfly, you will need to select ADD FILTER, then select one of the options in the drop-down list. For instance, if you need to find someone with the domain name funnelfly in their email, you could select Email > Contains: funnelfly.

2) Once the filter is set on these users, you will need to select Enroll In Sequence.

Enroll People from Uploaded Files

1) You can enroll leads into Sequences based on the import name. The first step is to import users from your CSV file into Funnellfy. Once you click Upload File, you will need to map the column headers to the fields within Funnelfly, and then rename your file.


2) Next you will need to filter by the Import Name, then click the checkbox next to the name of the file you uploaded.


3) Next you will click Add Filter, which will only select the users that match the uploaded file name. Since the filter is set on these users, you will then only need to select Enroll In Sequence and select the appropriate Sequence.


Enroll People from the Forms on your Website

1) You will need to select Sequences from the menu, then Global Settings.


2) Next you will need to click ADD STEP > Update Pipeline > Then select the correct Pipeline and Stage that represents the Sequence.


3) Then you will need to select New Condition > Select Person > Then Select the customField you set up on the JavaScript form integration.


If you set up the integration like the code below, you will need to select formName from the list and then select equals signup, then click the SAVE button.


Below is Javascript showing where you specify the formName or other custom data within the customFields.

<script type="text/javascript">  var form = document.getElementById("someFormName");  funnelfly.onFormSubmit(form, function(formValues) {    funnelfly.identify({      email:,      firstName: formValues.firstName,      lastName: formValues.lastName,      phone:,      company: {        name: formValues.companyName       },      customFields: {        formName: 'signup'       }     });   });</script>

More information on the technical setup of Funnelfly can be found in the Technical Documentation.

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