Sequence (Content) Library

Funnelfly's Content Library is created to get your company running campaigns quickly. These smart, pre-built email campaigns are categorized by certain stages of the funnel:

Each stage of the funnel is segmented into industry and either B2B or B2C. These Sequence templates can be used to create a pre-built funnel with Funnelfly, but also lets you quickly change terminology or the tone.


Each template within the Content Library is able to be previewed to ensure it is the correct starting point for your company.

Simply choose Use Template to install the Sequence within your account. Then, you will be shown the Sequence that was imported into your account.

⭐️ If necessary, you can edit each email within the Sequence by clicking the pencil icon on each email, to ensure it speaks correctly according to your product or service and the audience.

Set Live

Once each Sequence is imported into your account and edited, you will need to set them live to get your campaigns started! You can either set the Sequence live within the specific Sequence settings itself or on the main screen.

Simply click the button labeled SET LIVE to get the specific Sequence enabled.

Or, you can click the button labeled SET LIVE to enable it on the Growth Journey Map.

⭐️ You will have the ability to review the Sequence, add Contacts and do a test run once you click Set Live.

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