Setting Up Webforms

Go to Settings > Integrations and click DETAILS next to Webforms.

If you have not already added Funnelfly's Javascript widget to your website, do so know by clicking Install Guide.

Create a Webform

Click Create Webform to create a Webform.


Add Your Form

We're going to set up the Webform integration to pull in form submissions from our Growth Genius contact page.

Growth Genius is our done-for-you messaging service. Interested in learning more? Click here.

1. Paste the URL with your form in the text field and click Get Form.


2. Funnelfly will crawl the page looking for your form and populate the dropdown with your form. If Funnelfly is unable to capture your form due to your CMS or other reasons, you can create a form manually.


3. Map the form fields to Funnelfly fields by selecting the field from the corresponding dropdown under Select field.


4. Funnelfly will do its best to capture each of the fields but sometimes you will need to Add Fields. Funnelfly captures data from form fields using Form IDs. You can read more about it here.

If you don't know your IDs, no worries. They are easy to find.

We're going to use Google Chrome and their developer tools in this guide.

Open the URL with the form then open your browser's developer tools by right-clicking the field and selecting Inspect.


By right-clicking the specific element and clicking Inspect, you'll jump to the exact field in the code (saving you a ton of time and headache).

Copy the text to the right of ID. You only need the text between the quotations and not the quotations themselves.


Back in Funnelfly, click + Add Field. Add the ID text you copied to the text field and click Create.


Map the form field to the appropriate field in Funnelfly as you did for the others.

If you have a field in the form that you have not added to Funnelfly, you will need to add it before mapping the field. You can use this guide as a quick refresher for adding fields.

Submit Sample Data

Test out your form before moving on. Funnelfly displays a "Waiting for test" tag next to forms that have not been tested.

Open the form by clicking the form's Name.


Click Open form at the top of the form's page to open the form. Complete the form with test data.


Check your Funnelfly account for the data to ensure all fields mapped appropriately. This is especially important if you manually created the form or added a field manually.

After a form has been tested, the "Waiting for test" tag will change to "Connected".


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