Tasks are a great way to set reminders for various sales activities relating to Leads. Within Funnelfly, we organize the tasks for you or your team on the Task dashboard.

Example tasks include:

  • Phone calls

  • SMS messages

  • Facebook messages

  • LinkedIn messages

  • Tweets

  • Voicemail

  • Handwritten notes


Tasks can be created and assigned to leads for your Funnelfly users to complete manually or through Sequence conditions.

Assigning Manually

Assigning tasks to be completed for leads in your account is simple:

  1. Select Contacts from the sidebar menu.

  2. Next, select the lead that you would like a task to be assigned to.

  3. Click Tasks, then create a specific task and assign a due date/time to the activity.

Sequence Tasks

Tasks can be added to Sequences. It's natural in the sales journey for you to mix up the way you communicate with your leads. Add Tasks to a Sequence for your Funnelfly users to be reminded to complete a task.

Tasks can be added to new or existing Sequence by clicking Outbound in the menu > Selecting the specific Sequence > Then clicking Edit Sequence > Conditional Steps.

Then, you will need to create the Task by clicking ADD STEP (as seen above) > Then selecting the option to CREATE TASK.

You will need to set up the Task Description, when the task will be due, who will the task be assigned to, and the task type.


The next screen will be when the task will be assigned to the task owner. You can set it up to be events from within your Funnelfly accounts, your integrations with other platforms, or when the user reaches the goal within the Growth Track.


Tasks can also be snoozed or rescheduled for another date. Moving your mouse over the task will show the Snooze, Change Due Date, and Delete options.



Notifications within Funnelfly can be set up to notify you within the Funnelfly platform and email you the notifications when you're assigned new tasks. You can set up your settings by navigating to Notifications > Notification Settings.


Then notifications will set up to notify you when tasks are due or assigned to you.

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