With the Zapier integration, Funnelfly can be connected to 1,000+ external apps for sharing data. The setup process is very simple. In this guide we will show you how to connect Funnelfly with Zapier to begin the process.

Zapier is endless with connecting Funnelfly to external apps. Follow these tutorials to begin learning the way to connect Funnelfly to 1,000+ apps without the technical knowledge typically needed.

Note: Email and First Name are required fields.

Setting up Zapier

Go to the Settings > Integrations and Custom Actions and click DETAILS next to the Zapier integration. From there, you will need to click Get started with Zapier integration.

Creating your first Funnelfly Zap

Zapier uses Triggers and Actions. A trigger tells Zapier to do something when the specific trigger is fired. An action is what Zapier needs to do.

Funnelfly allows you to trigger Zapier after the creation of contacts, creation of tasks, or when tasks are completed. Zapier can complete the following actions in Funnelfly: create a contact, create a task, and create data event.


Choose to create/update a contact, create a task, or mark a task as completed. Zapier will ask you to connect your Funnelfly account after you select an Event. Copy the API Key from this Developer Settings page in Funnelfly.


Choose to create or update a contact, create a task, or create a data event in Funnelfly.

Next, you will customize the data being sent into Funnefly by selecting the data from the drop-downs under each field.

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