Connecting your Calendly to Funnelfly will automatically create a Meeting Action within Funnelfly when a user schedules a meeting with you. Once the meeting is scheduled, Funnelfly will either create that user in your Funnelfly account automatically or update the user to attribute the scheduled event to them.

These events will simplify the movement of your leads through your funnel by automatically moving them to the correct stage in your pipeline based on if they scheduled a meeting.

1) Click Settings, then Integrations and Custom Actions.

2) You will need to click on the INSTALL button on the Calendly integration.

3) When you click on the INSTALL button, you will be taken to the next screen within Funnelfly where you will need to click Connect Calendly.

4) After you've connected Calendly, you can automatically add your Calendly meeting link to your signature by selecting the meeting URL from the dropdown.

5) Click Turn on/off to turn the integration on. Once on a green Active tag will appear next to Calendly.

Meetings Report

See a full breakdown of your booked meetings through Calendly on the Dashboard under Meetings Report.

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