Stripe Integration

Automation within Funnelfly can be set up easily based on transactions within your Stripe account. When you set up the Stripe integration, both the users and the data associated with the user, whether they're purchasers or subscribers to your products or service, will be imported into your account. Then, it will be possible for you to set up automation based on whether these users purchases or subscribed to your product or service.

Installing Stripe Integration

Go to the Settings > Integrations and custom actions and click INSTALL.

Next, you will need to sign in to Stripe to connect it to your Funnelfly account.


Once the Stripe Integration is installed, Funnelfly will immediately start importing your Stripe customers and events. You should see your customers within your account in less than a minute.

Stripe Integration Overview

Once you installed the Stripe Integration, we will keep your customers and data events updated. The integration does three things:

  • Synchronize your existing users with Stripe customers based on their email

  • Create events within Funnelfly based on the data events from Stripe

  • Create new leads within your Funnelfly account based on customers within Stripe

The list below shows the full list of the attributes we import from Stripe.

Field Name - Field Properties

  • firstName: We use the first part of the customer email as a firstName

  • email source: Always equal to Stripe

  • vendorCreatedOn: created field of customer object

  • customFields.accountBalance account_balance: field of customer object

  • customFields.delinquent: delinquent field of customer object

  • customFields.planInterval: interval: field of a plan object

  • customFields.planAmount: amount field of a plan object

  • customFields.planBillingScheme: billing_scheme field of a plan object

  • customFields.planNicknamenick: name field of a plan object

  • customFields.subscriptionStartOn: start field of a subscription object

  • customFields.cardExpireOn: exp_month and exp_year fields of a card object converted into unix timestamp

  • customFields.cardBrand: brand field of a card object

  • customFields.cardLast4: last4 field of a card object

The table below shows the full list of the date events we import from Stripe. We use the same event name as Stripe. Please check Stripe's events documentation for more details.

Data Event Name

  • customer.subscription.created

  • customer.subscription.deleted

  • customer.subscription.updated

  • invoice.created

  • invoice.payment_succeeded

  • invoice.payment_failed

Custom Fields

Below are some of the example user custom fields that can be imported from Stripe:

    "customFields" : {
        "accountBalance" : 0,
        "delinquent" : false,
        "planInterval" : "year",
        "planAmount" : 18000,
        "planBillingScheme" : "per_unit",
        "planNickname" : "Standard",
        "subscriptionStartOn" : 1539776597,
        "subscriptionStatus" : "active"
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