March 2021

Pause Campaigns

We have added a new setting to the task, phone call, and manual email actions that allows the user to "pause a campaign until task completed."

Power Tasks Update

Power Tasks have been renamed as custom actions. We have also simplified the action selector on the campaign edit page.

February 2021


Now you can configure the main Run and automation settings of Campaigns on the “Settings” page for each Campaign separately:

Contacts Information

Now you can see information about your contacts on the newly designed full-screen card that is easier to read.

Also, you can now send email or verify a contact`s email directly from the enrollment page.

Installing Power Tasks

You can now install Power Tasks even if you don't have funds on your FunnelFly balance. When you do want to use Power Tasks, you will then need to add funds to your account.

Auto-saving Campaigns

You can now use the auto-saving campaigns for drafts so that you don't have to worry about losing unsaved changes.

January 2021

Monthly Balance Usage

Downgrading Plan Means Campaigns Stopped

Keep in mind that if you downgrade your plan, all active Campaigns will be stopped.

Better Interface on Enroll Contacts Page

The interface on the Enroll Contacts page is now clearer. The checkboxes are displayed separately from the contact`s avatar.

New Report Page

Funnelfy's old campaign history and email report were replaced with one, fully functional report page. The new page includes the following functionalities:

  • Ability to sort results by contact, last run, replies, or opens count.

  • Ability to select which table columns to show

  • Powerful filters that sequence by contact status, by sender email account, or by campaign step

  • Ability to perform bulk actions for selected contacts: unenroll, enroll skip step, or retry failed steps

  • Real time updates

  • Ability to see the run history for the selected contact

The images below show what some of these new functionalities look like.


Columns selector:

Contact run history:

December 2020

Freemium/Pricing Redesign

We have released a Freemium/Pricing redesign (new Billing page).

Now you can use your Funnelfly money balance for paid power tasks. The balance can be recharged automatically when it falls below the set amount, or you can manually add money to the balance.

It is also now possible to set the billing email address.

Plus, we have updated windows for adding a card and/or a plan upgrade. Now Funnelfly is using the Freemium pricing strategy, which means you can use most of Funnelfly's features for free.

Direct Calendly Integration

We have released a Direct Calendly integration. It also is possible to now add the book meeting URL to your signature in emails.

Learn more here.

UI Simplification

We have released a UI simplification.

We also added a filter task by day.

Growth Tracks Redesign

We have released a new design for our Growth Tracks.

Set Up DKIM Settings for Custom Domain

We have also added the opportunity to set up DKIM settings for custom domains.

Learn more here.

November 2020

Introducing Voice Calls

Call your contacts from within Funnelfly. No searching for their number and plugging it into your phone. Simply click call in Funnelfly. Automatically cycle through your phone call tasks at once.

Learn more here.

Add Contacts to Multiple Growth Tracks

You now can add a contact to multiple Growth Tracks. Your contacts are no longer limited to a single Growth Track.

October 2020

Webflow Integration

We released an integration with Webflow so that you can now send your leads directly from your published Webflow sites to Funnelfly.

Configure your sites and forms parameters and then set the integration live:

You can add several sites (projects) and several forms and then enable/disable each site separately if needed:

Click here to learn more about how to connect Webflow to Funnelfly.

Manual Email Task

Create a Manual Email task to allow editing of the email by contact before sending. This is great for contacts where you need to manually validate whether to send the email or when you need to add a personalized snippet from a previous meeting.

Learn more here.

Unbounce Integration

Send your Unbounce form data into Funnelfly with our direct integration.

Learn more here.

Send Emails from Any Email Domain

You can now send your emails from any email domain. It's simple to setup. Let us know if you have any issues.

Learn more here.

September 2020

Sending Emails in One Thread

We released a new option in email editor which allows you to send emails from a Growth Track in one thread with previous email(s).

Also, we added a new functionality which allows you to un-enroll several contacts from Growth Track(s) immediately. After selecting these contacts, click “More actions” and select the “Cancel growth track” option.

Send Emails Outside of Gmail

Enable teammate email accounts to allow the sending of emails without Gmail.

At the moment, all emails are being sent from generic emails like

[email protected] and are limited with the ability to send up to 300 emails per day.

Learn more about sending emails from Funnelfly without Gmail.

Disable or Enable Teammate Email Accounts

Account owners now can disable or enable teammate email accounts on the Email Settings page.

Enabled accounts are visible in the email editor, and you can choose which one to use when sending emails from messages or Growth Tracks:

August 2020

Enrich Contact Data with Clearbit

You can now enrich contact data with Clearbit in Funnelfly. Open Settings -> Integrations and install Enrichment (Clearbit) integration.

Add your Clearbit key to complete the installation process:

You can learn more about Clearbit Integration here.

We also hide our support bubble when you open the contact page so it does not intersect with the sent comment button on the bottom right.

Power Tasks in Growth Tracks

Some of our new Growth Track templates contain Power Tasks. You have the option to install them to unlock some extra features, such as email verification, contact enrichment, or text messages.

Email Verification Power Task

Last week, we introduced the Email Verification power task, which helps you verify if emails are deliverable. You can read more about that here.

This week, we released the ability to bulk-verify emails from the contacts list.

In addition, the email verification status is visible right from the contacts list.

Transferring Account Ownership

You can now transfer Funnelfly account ownership to another teammate from Settings->Team page.

July 2020

New Power Task Integration - FullContact

This week we released a new Power Task integration that allows you to get a lot of useful contact information in real time using FullContact.

We pull the following data:

  • firstName

  • lastName

  • phone

  • region

  • country

  • countryCode

  • city

  • degree

  • linkedInUrl

  • twitterUrl

  • facebookUrl

  • avatarUrl

  • organization

  • jobTitle

  • location

To get started, install the Power Task. (It’s free, but you’ll need a FullContact account.)

Once you have installed it, you can add the task to one of your Growth Tracks:


Or just click on Enrich Via FullContact on the contact card.


Variables in Email Subject Lines

You can now use variables in email subject lines. To get started, just set a focus to the subject field and click on Insert Variable. Here's how it works.


Testing Email

To test your email, click on SEND TEST EMAIL to send a test to yourself.


Placeholders in Email Templates

We have added placeholders to our Growth Library email templates to make things easier for you. Each placeholder offers an explanations of what needs to be added in a specific part of your email. Here is an example of a placeholder (highlighted in green).


We have improved Growth Tracks navigation; in particular, we added an active/inactive filter and made the ‘listing’ page default one.


Group SMS and SMS History Functionality

The most exciting change for this week is new Group SMS and SMS history functionality. Go to Messages -> SMS and create Group SMS message.


Create your message. Then select recipients and click "Send Now."


If the contact's phone is on, the status of the message should change to "delivered" in just a couple of minutes. Also, the message will be visible on the SMS tab of the contact card. You can also use "Send SMS" to send another message to the contact.


We now have a new Emails Report page where you can see "Opens Count" and "Replies Counts." The Emails Report was previously mixed on the page with Emails History, but we have now created a separate page for it for simplicity.


We also added a default "User opened email" condition, which triggers when a user opens an email sent from a Growth Track.


June 2020

Zapier Triggers

Zapier Triggers were just released (version 1.0.3). You may use the following triggers now to power your workflows:

  • Contact created

  • Contact updated

  • Contact pipeline changed

  • Task created

  • Task completed


Click here to accept a Zapier integration invite and start building your workflows.

Emails Tab

We just added an emails tab that consists of the entire history of your email communication with a contact. New emails received from contacts will be listed here.


You can also reply to any email and see the full email thread from the emails tab.



On the webforms, we’ve added a new action that allows you to see contacts added through any webform. We keep track of the unique Funnelfly form identifier as the webform field on a contact.


We have released a new feature that allows you to connect any contact form on your website to Funnelfly without developers. It is as simple as importing leads from CSV.

Here is how webforms work:

  • Copy and paste the URL from your website to Funnelfly.

  • We will parse all form fields for you, so all you have to do is map form fields to Funnelfly fields.

  • Open form and submit sample form.

  • Check out people screen (sort by Added On column) to see contact submitted via webform.

Open Integrations Page and click Install on Webforms.


Copy and paste the URL from your website and your map form fields to your Funnelfly fields.


Submit sample form data to make sure that it works correctly. Connected label means that we at Funnelfly received at least one form request.


One-off Emails

A lot of our clients have been asking about the ability to send "one-off" emails. We just released this feature for everyone. The new functionality allows you to send one-time emails to a selected group of your contacts. Email can be sent on behalf of the teammate assigned to that particular person or on behalf of any other teammate.

Simply create your message and select contacts:


Send the email:


Check the status of the sent emails:


See the overall status of your emails on the listing page:


May 2020


We have renamed people (leads) as contacts and have also changed the way growth tracks run. Now the system waits until a step is completed with success before scheduling the next one. This becomes more important as our users design complex workflows that send emails and text messages and do other tasks.

We completely redesigned the Growth Track run history to make it simpler and more powerful. The history now shows when a particular step was run for the user and the next scheduled step.


When a step fails for the contact, we pause the growth track for the user and let you decide what to do: Cancel the growth track for the contact or retry the failed step. Also, you will get notified by email on the failures so that you know when things didn’t work as expected.


If many contacts failed on the same step with the same error, you can retry or skip them at once on the Errors tab:


One more exciting change is support of “and” and “or” statements in the growth track step and goal conditions.


SMS Power Task

Last week we released an SMS power task and now are ready to accept more beta customers.

A couple of small changes and bug fixes were released this week.

• First, we now highlight the active menu item:


• All test emails now include empty unsubscribe links:


Calendly Integration


The installation is easy. Simply copy and paste your Calendly token (no need to have a paid account) and paste into Funnelfly.


Once you install Calendly, we will automatically create or update each person (lead) who books a meeting and also create a meeting task to remind you about the meeting.


In addition, we have made it simpler to create SMS Power tasks from the Growth Tracks.


Also, when editing emails we now show an alert if you click outside the email by mistake so that you don’t lose your email message content before you save it.


And when you paste content into the email editor, we will automatically clean up the pasted content for you. We keep the links and the bold and italic styles to make sure your emails look good.

April 2020

Introducing SMS Messaging

You can now send text messages and export those contacts to the csv file. This means you can reach out to leads by text message in addition to your emails. Text messages have been shown to have one of the highest engagement rates in marketing channels. You can automatically use text messages to follow up with leads and to convert contacts. Messages are sent from a U.S. cell phone number. Funnelfly also allows you to receive replies to your text messages.

Your first 100 messages are free, and then it is 2 cents per message. SMS functionality is still in beta, so if you want to give it a try, simply send a message to [email protected].


Reassign Contacts

You now can reassign a person (lead) to a new teammate in a Growth Track. This would affect the email account used to send emails to the person (lead). In addition, any tasks created for that person will also be assigned to that teammate.


Global Growth Track Settings Improvement

The other change is the addition of new Global Growth Track Settings that allow you to run different actions for the new leads based on the conditions, such as events or pipeline assignments. The actions are very similar to what you can use in the Growth Track.

Attachments in your Growth Tracks

A lot of our customers have asked us to be able to attach files when sending emails. This feature has been released today. Open the growth track for editing, select any email, and click on "Add Attachment" to upload your files. Every user will receive a copy of your file with the email.


Assigned Tasks on the Dashboard

We also changed the boxes on our dashboard to include the number of tasks assigned to you and the number of active growth tracks in the account.


Creating Conditions

We have changed the way goals and step conditions work for Growth Tracks. To try them out, simply click on the button to edit a growth track, open the Conditional Steps tab, and click on the condition.

The new UI allows you to quickly select a condition out of the predefined list:


Once you click on the condition, it is immediately selected and applied to the Growth Track step.

You can create new conditions right from this screen:


There are 4 types of conditions:

  1. Person — Match people (leads) using the Person fields (common or the custom fields you’ve sent to Funnelfly from integrations).

  2. Events — Trigger steps based on the events you send from Javascript, Zapier, or other integrations.

  3. Pipeline — Run a Growth Track step when a person is assigned to pipeline stage (e.x. Prospect)

  4. Teammate — Run a Growth Track step when a person (lead) is assigned to one of your teammates.

Here is an example of the UI when using the Person fields.


Here is an example of the UI when using the Events fields (existing or create new ones).


Also, now you can test new conditions to make sure they work properly right from this screen. Just click on the wrench icon from the main conditions screen if the condition is not active.


Growth Track Library Additions

We have recently added more email templates to the Growth Track available to you in the Growth Track Library. You can browse these templates and apply them to your account as needed.


When editing a growth track, you can now select to send emails on behalf of a particular team member instead of using the assigned teammate’s email account. See below.


You will now receive a notification when a new task has been assigned to you. You will also see the “past due” task count in the left sidebar menu. See below.


On the Growth Track view page, we are now showing statistics for the current week. However, you can change filters and select any time range you would like to view. See below.


The conditional steps are a very powerful function of the Growth Tracks. They allow you to send an email in response to a user’s or teammate’s action. (Ex: Send follow up email when the meeting is completed.) We have made the conditional steps more visible on the Growth Track Editor UI. See below.


We made it easier to switch between the “Growth Journey Map” and “All Growth Tracks.” See below.

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