Connect your Funnelfly account to Clearbit to enrich your contact's following information:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Phone

  • Region

  • Country

  • City

  • Degree

  • LinkedIn Url

  • Twitter Url

  • Facebook Url

  • Avatar Url

  • Organization

  • Job Title

  • Location

Connect Clearbit to Funnelfly

1) Click Settings, then Integrations and Custom Actions.

2) Scroll to Custom Actions at the bottom of the page. Click on the INSTALL button on Enrichment (Clearbit).

3) Enter your Clearbit API Key and click Install Now. You can retrieve your Clearbit API Key here.

Enrich Contact Information

Enrich Contacts in Growth Tracks

Enrich your contacts as a task in your Growth Tracks. Contacts will be enriched, and the fields above will be populated with information from Clearbit (if anything is found).

1) Under Action, click Create Task.


2) Enter a description for the task, "Enrich contact with Clearbit" will work. Select Enrichment (Clearbit) from the Task Type dropdown.

Manually Enrich Contact's in their Profile

You can manually enrich a contact from their profile by clicking Enrich via Clearbit. A message will appear notifying you the contact is being enriched.

Clearbit will populate the above fields with the contact's information (if Clearbit is able to find it). Funnelfly will add a status to the contact's History page when the contact has been enriched (see image below).

Below is a status updated posted to a contact's History tab in their profile.

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